The Best RV Parks in Destin Florida

The Best RV Parks in Destin Florida


George Cummings
November 21, 2021

If your goal for a great RV trip is to see a white sandy coastline and sparkling emerald waters, you need to add Destin to your bucket list.

The Northwest Florida vacation destination has always been a popular spot for holiday-makers, fishers, and those who appreciate a beautiful beach, and it’s even better for RV owners, thanks to the range of amazing parks on offer.

What are the best RV parks in Destin, Florida?

Destin is home and close to some of the state’s best RV parks including Live Oak Landing, Camp Gulf, Emerald Beach RV Park, and Henderson Beach State Park.

Whether you want peace and quiet or to mingle and be social, there’s an RV park in Destin that can suit you.

The stunning backdrop of Destin is the perfect place to pull up your RV and stay a while, especially when you see the amenities of their resorts and what the surrounding city has to offer.

We’ve compiled a list of the best RV parks in Destin to spend your next vacation at and what it is that sets them apart from the rest.

The 8 Best RV Parks in Destin, Florida

Destin is home to just about anything an RV holidaymaker could ask for including amazing fishing spots, first-class restaurants, white sand, and sparkling emerald waters.

If your dream is to check out Destin while still having access to all of the best amenities and facilities that an RV park has to offer, we’ve got the only ones worth bothering with.

#1 Live Oak Landing

#1 Live Oak Landing

Situated just a little further away from the hustle and bustle of Destin is Live Oak Landing, just off the Choctawhatchee Bay.

This RV park is classified as a luxury option and we’d have to agree looking at the amenities, including the option to hire a boat or bicycle, and an on-site pool that can rival even the most lavish resorts.

Their RV sites have WiFi access, 30/50 amp service, modern concrete pads, water and sewerage hookups, a fire ring, and a picnic table.

You can hire a cottage or host weddings, reunions, and parties there, so it’s great for visitors to Destin who are looking to connect with friends and family.

Live Oak Landing is the best option for RV owners who like peace and quiet, and still want to feel as though they’re getting the VIP treatment.

The park offers world-class fishing, concierge service, a bee haven, and plenty of national parks and lakes nearby to discover.

When you’re in the mood to mix things up a bit, Destin is just a short drive away, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

#2 Emerald Beach RV Park

#2 Emerald Beach RV Park

The emerald waters of Destin are one of its biggest drawcards and if you want to get the very best views of them, a stay at Emerald Beach RV Park is the key.

This park is also a little out of the way from the central hub of Destin, about 22 miles to be exact, but it gives you the right amount of action and peacefulness.

The Emerald Beach RV Park is all about coastal vibes and it gives you waterfront access to the ocean 24/7 with its very own private beach.

Other cool amenities onsite include a fenced dog park, large heated pool, and kayak and paddleboard hire, plus the option to bring up to three pets if you wish to.

The RV amenities on each site at Emerald Beach have everything you need, including WiFi, water and sewer connections, 30/50 amp service, and 60 feet max length for even the biggest motorhomes.

Set on the beautiful location of Emerald Beach and in close proximity to Santa Rose Island, Destin, and Pensacola, this is the dream oceanside getaway for you and your RV.

#3 Camp Gulf

#3 Camp Gulf

We dare you to try and get any closer to the beach than you can when staying at Camp Gulf.

Known as Northwest Florida’s biggest and best RV site, this is the perfect place to pull up at if you’re planning a trip to Destin, and it’s located centrally between Panama City and Pensacola to give you the best of its surroundings.

Camp Gulf is often described as a summer camp for adults, and if you own an RV it’s the perfect place to connect with like-minded individuals.

Their RV sites are 55 feet in length, have full hookups, WiFi accessibility, propane, and both 30 and 50 Amp connections, giving you the total packaging.

Close by to the park you’ll find everything you need in Destin and its surroundings including restaurants and bars, shopping, golf courses, and a huge selection of stunning beaches.

On-site, Camp Gulf features a massive pool with a water slide, basketball court, games-filled clubhouse, and the ability to rent a golf cart, making it a whole lot of fun for all ages.

#4 Destin Village RV Resort

#4 Destin Village RV Resort

If your idea of a beach getaway is to stay without too many other tourists, you’ll love the quaint feel of Destin Village RV Resort.

This beautiful family-friendly resort only has 27 lots on-site, which means even in their busiest seasons, you won’t feel as though you’re crowded by other beachgoers.

The Destin Village RV Resort is incredibly close to the best public beaches that Destin has to offer, and you can stroll there in just a few minutes.

At the resort, they have a retro-looking swimming pool, public laundry, and warm and welcoming staff who can help with you all of your holiday needs.

Their RV sites are a little smaller at 44 feet long, but they all come with full hook-ups, the option for back in or pull through the entry, and Wi-Fi access.

Destin Village RV Resort might be small but it has loads of charm and if you crave some privacy wherever you take your RV, this will be just the place to park.

#5 Navarre Beach Camp Resort

#5 Navarre Beach Camp Resort

Navarre Beach Camp Resort isn’t your average RV park and if you like to do things large, you’ll want to book a site right here for your next vacation.

With a gorgeous beach location and massive grounds, it’s the perfect place to meet others and socialize, plus there’s no shortage of fun activities and amenities on site.

This RV resort welcomes motorhomes and campers of any size, offers full hookups, internet access, showers and laundry, and 76 sites to choose from.

Navarre Beach Camp Resort goes above and beyond with amenities as well, like their kid-friendly weekly events, 300-foot private pier, basketball court, large heated pool, and playground.

If you’re someone who hopes never to be bored on a vacation, Navarre Beach Camp Resort will ensure you never are.

Located a little over 20 miles away from downtown Destin, you can escape the hustle and bustle of the main city and still enjoy your own beachside paradise at this famous RV resort.

#6 Henderson Beach State Park

#6 Henderson Beach State Park

Those looking for great value for money and a taste of the central Destin action will want to get in early and book at the Henderson Beach State Park.

The ideal location of this RV parks makes it a favorite with tourists and means you’ll always have new friends to make when you stay there.

To get to the beach from Henderson Beach State Park, a picturesque stroll along the boardwalk will take you there, and you’ll be able to witness the 30 feet tall sand dunes that it’s famous for.

Otherwise, you have loads of amenities within the RV park grounds including a nature trail, fishing spots, playground, and massive bathhouse, as well as the many other friendly tourists who are there to enjoy the scenery just like you.

There are 60 sites at Henderson Beach State Park with access to water and electricity, ground grills, clothesline posts, picnic tables, and more.

If you want the feeling of a remote wilderness adventure but with all of the modern conveniences close by, Henderson Beach State Park is one of the best.

#7 Geronimo RV Park

#7 Geronimo RV Park

The Miramar Beach located Geronimo RV Park is one of Destin’s most famous, and it’s thanks to the beautiful backdrop and massive space they present for you to enjoy.

With 76 RV sites and the ability to house any size motorhome, you’ll get to enjoy all of the hookups, Wi-Fi, cable TV, and 30 and 50 Amp electrical options.

This park is made only for the big rigs and they don’t allow for any tents to be set up, so you’ll only be with fellow RVers.

On-site, they have amenities like public laundry and bathroom, a large recreation field, and public beach access just two blocks away, but you won’t find anything like playgrounds or pools at this resort.

A stay at Geronimo will ensure you get a first-hand look at the oceanside and other amazing natural sights that encompass it, plus the chance to meet like-minded travelers who are hoping for some peace and quiet on their vacation as well.

Destin’s most famous restaurants and sights are close by, and you can easily walk from the RV park to enjoy the surroundings, then retire in the evenings in tranquility.

#8 Destin West RV Resort

#8 Destin West RV Resort

This is the ideal campground for RV owners who like to be social, experience all of the modern facilities they can, and be only a stone’s throw from the beach.

The Destin West RV Resort ticks all of those boxes and offers up 54 RV sites, making it one of the bigger spaces that this beachside location has.

The Destin West RV Resort joins the Island Hotel so that guests can enjoy all of their amenities, and gain access to their fine dining restaurants and three-story waterfall.

Otherwise, the RV park also offers a pool, hot tub, showers and laundry, community bonfire nights, and more.

Their RV sites come with everything you’d expect from a fully stocked resort-like Wi-Fi, all of the hook-ups, 50 feet concrete pads, and back-in and pull-through sites.

If you want to feel like you’re staying at a luxury hotel but still in the comfort of your RV, a. trip to Destin West is the best way to do it.

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